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How do I know if there is a mortgage on a property: here is the step-by-step guide that guides us in this assessment.

One of the most important checks to make before buying a house or any other property is that relating to the search for a possible mortgage [1] on the property: this is because, in the case of buying and selling, the mortgage follows the property and not the debtor. With the consequence that we could find ourselves having paid a good that is worth much less than we have been led to believe.

To know if there are mortgages on a property it is necessary to make a mortgage or hypocastastal . This document allows to highlight if a subject is owner of real estate and to identify the presence of mortgages.

The visura (see facsimile attached at the end of the article) shows all the deeds relating to a building or transcriptions, inscriptions and annotations.


  • 1 Transcriptions
  • 2 Registration
  • 3 Annotations
  • 4 Inspections by subject, by property or crossed
  • 5 Inspections per note


The transcripts are related to the deeds by means of which a property is transferred from one subject to another and therefore through its analysis it is possible to know who is the owner of a property or which property owns a subject.


The inspection of the registrations makes it possible to check the presence of mortgages deriving, for example, from loan contracts and therefore through the analysis of the registrations it is known if a certain property has been placed as collateral for certain subjects.


In this case we will view those formalities that modify previous transcripts, inscriptions or annotations, such as cancellations of mortgages or foreclosures.

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