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You get used to it but after 12 years it still drives me crazy. I was considering moving to Paris just for the experience and to say I lived in Paris for a year. Again, in Germany, finding work is very difficult without fluent German, unless you come here with a job offer in hand. But expecting me to be happy doing that after paying my dues and getting to the point where I had skills beyond that felt like going backwards. I have lived in New York, London, Berlin, Barcelona and Singapore. It is so crushing, I cannot find words. Thank you for writing this. I wonder how Berlin would have been, but maybe I’ll find out soon. Where I live (not Paris, but in France), they finally started allowing citizens to deal with driving license issues digitally THIS YEAR (2018). I love this post. 53 days to go and we are free from this hell hole! About your job situation: I can imagine that this must have been a terrible situation and I am someone who doesn’t like being dependent on anybody. I am have moved to Paris since last October to start a new work in research. Often considered to be one of the most glamorous cities in the world, Paris offers a historically and culturally rich village-like metropolis that incorporates an eclectic mix of activities, sights, shopping and entertainment. I lived in Switzerland as the trailing spouse 12 years ago, it was hard, lonely and we moved back home after 6 months. In January I bought a studio apartment in Paris — the 18th, not quite Montmartre. Required fields are marked *. I’ve heard about the (in)famous bureaucracy in abstract, but so much not in detail (with the exception of one native French friend’s comment on how much easier of a time he had getting a driver’s license in New York City than he did in Paris!) This was a really great read. Nope. It’s still a gorgeous city, and I remember this whenever I find a beautiful quiet street or look out at the rooftops from the window of my double chambre de bonne. Yes Paris is beautiful and interesting, I agree with the blogger who said, Paris is a tough city and you need to be thick skinned to get the most out of it. Hi Karen, thanks for sharing! I feel outraged by the cost of food. To furnish the apt should take a while too, but my very ethnic street had all kinds of shops, right out of the middle east to haggle with on price — keep in mind that my French is basic, greetings, numbers, weather, menus — but when it comes to selling/buying everyone understands each other. Nikon partner and brand ambassador for DxO, Xrite and BenQ. If I were in Paris probably I would have received even more calls.
When you live in a city and deal with the bureaucracy and mess, you see it for what it is, and Paris involves a lot of persistence/resilience. Life is just too short. A high standard of living in which the importance of work/life balance is recognized and celebrated. A lot of trailing spouses who move to France are unable to work due to visa restrictions. I don’t have the millions it would take for me to carve the life I would want, so I’m content to be a vister and leave. Had teo young children and a dog. Everyone else looks lost when your request is in the slightest bit more complicated than a standard issue, and they have to call that person to get it done, that’s if they can be bothered. Their version of individualism makes it difficult to cooperate for new-comers like us.

PS : I am picking up after my dog!!!! There are many hidden corners of the city and those who dare to look beyond the major tourist attractions will find remnants of a long and fascinating past filled with stories of revolutions, conquests and intrigues that reward those who are willing to wander and make Paris their own. Is that the same as in english, ombre is that not a balayage, and what exactly is a pantine…. A friend of mine has a M.B.A. from a French university and that degree has certainly helped her in France. Then slap them across the face to prepare them for living here. There’s even an Indian restaurant not far away, so it isn’t totally monocultural here. We are a gay couple and my boyfriend comes from an Arab country and used to live and work in Emirates for few years, We were in a long-distance relationship for some time living in different countries, We decided to move to Paris to finally live together, do our studies (continue career for my boyfriend) and live in a place where we don’t have to hide and can live freely considering that the countries of our origin are still rather opressive for gay people. Thoughts on sustainable tourism in Amsterdam, 11 things to consider before traveling and moving abroad with your dog, Covered Passages of Paris: A free self guided walking tour of Paris arcades with map, Versailles Travel Tips: What to know about visiting Versailles from Paris, « 24 hours in Paris: A local’s guide to off the beaten path ​Paris​​. It’s hard when people have such unrealistic views of cities – LA for the glamour, Paris for the romance – as they very rarely live up to expectation! The French mentality and people suck big time. I hardly get the ends meet every month and I’m just sick and tired of not being able to allow myself going to the concert, opera, or a dinner at least once a month… The last and not the least – French mentality. In 2018 I don’t see any reason to move there it’s full already. I *love* Italy and lived in the north for four months before moving down to the island. The Metro is packed during rush hour and the charming hours of the shops become a lot less so when you forget to go grocery shopping on a Saturday for Sunday (when everything is closed). Privilege to have enough time, and so on. or math or physics to be any better than the States because I am still “black” here. I agree with the above. and utterly unkind. Folks here are just on an island the size of texas stuck in a strange silence – time to move on even if I’ve become used to a comfort zone now its time to move on man .. wow..hahaa. The background information you provide is accurate and well-summarized, and I feel it’s something prospective expats totally miss out on when they consider Paris as a destination. Sometimes being happier involves making an effort to move on as well as steps to make things more tolerable. The ‘3 plans par arrondissement’ is by far the best local map, and so compact that it takes up little space in a bag. Anyway, I wish you luck on your next jouney in life.

I find the vibe a health hazard. If there’s only one takeaway from this article for you, think when you hear that someone is having a difficult time adjusting when moving abroad. As a note, I was delighted by how affordable and GOOD healthcare and education are in France. By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies & understand our site terms & conditions. My wife is Chinese, I live in Beijing for nine month and I can tell you Beijing is way way better than Paris. I just had to keep pushing words out of a dictionary until people GET me and thank god they did but it’s almost hopeless. They often tell you that you’re lucky to live abroad in Paris (Reminder: You are!) I wanted to love it – and thought I would – but was pretty miserable for most of the time. I’m in my early thirties, I have a proper office job right now and I live in a cage-size studio with a shared toilet, because simply I cannot afford anything more then this. Mindful Healthy Life About - A blog that shares news, tips, and reflections on topics related to mindful parenting, family wellness, holistic health, and natural, green living. It seems most people’s unhappiness is not from Paris but merely that fact that they don’t have a well paid job and thus live on a meager subsistence.

However, English-only positions often asked for fluent French. Obviously, it gets better as you leave Paris, but I stand by my sentiment that France is a great place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there. I’ve really tried to integrate into the culture but it’s just so difficult because the won’t let you. However, I see that my experiences in Paris aren’t sufficiently good enough for you. I however love Paris and feel like its home, so I’m dealing with the “issues”. I used to live and work on Ireland, never had a problem to get a job, never god a racist comment…here on Paris, despite my international work experience, my Bachelors and being fluent in french… I cant get a proper job… I moved for love but im trying to move back to Ireland… To much pollution, racism… Etc…etc… I thank you A LOT for this seriously… Nobody gets me !

You don’t know how long it will take until you’re happy and I think that it’s important to take steps to combat your unhappiness to become happy again. So they sell their dissatisfaction for money, for living in a shop window. I’ve got it good here, probably better than the majority of ‘parisians’ yet the continual ass fucking you get whilst trying to acomplish anything and nothing in particular and how cold and assholish the parisians are is enough for me. As it mentioned few times, one has to have a really thick skin and a great deal of phlegmatism. I know a lot of foreigners who exclusively worked in English in Amsterdam and never learned. Too many narrow minded people too much negativity, judging, funny looks. My husband is french and we go back and forth all the time to Paris and other parts of France. I mean, we invited people over a couple of times, for barbecues or just drinks and apéritives, but they never returned the invitation even if everytime they really enjoyed their time here. People were so nice, helpful and genuinely caring – never have I ever felt unwelcome, unwanted or alienated. The bureaucracy is and has been a nightmare for years and years, yet, nobody does anything. That would be the same in any city. I write better than I talk, because guess what, French is not a widely spoken language like English is, so nobody is able to practice it for years before moving here. This blog offers her insights and snapshots of art, culture, fashion, food, children, style and life in general. I moved to France after several years spent learning Dutch, which didn’t do me too much good as I didn’t have French. I mean, for one thing, and this is just one example; I’m here at Orly Airport, had to get an urgent package from London, and when it got here the asshole at LaPoste wouldn’t accept my Permis de Conduire as identification to pick it up, said I needed a full passport (I flew in on a Laissez-Passer which if you don’t know this, that’s a one-way “ticket” back to where you were born and they confiscate that at the port of entry when you get there, it’s like a “one trip only” temporary travel document) or an actual carte nationalité and since I keep getting robbed overseas all I have of THAT is a photocopy so the bastard basically wasn’t going to let me have my own MAIL. I laughed out loud when I read about your horror over the dog poop everywhere. Improve your outreach by connecting with authority bloggers in your domain area. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website.
That is the only way. letters.

I like what you said and my advice I would add is before you think moving to Paris is a fairytale, research it as thoroughly as possible, talk to others who have spent a lot of time there and lived there and find out about the bureaucracy and what it takes to work there, get a place to live, etc. I realize that knowing French CAN change your life in France, however, it’s impossible to become fluent within only one month. I love taking the Eurostar to visit Paris, but I would expect living there to be entirely different like you said. Better not be in a hurry.

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