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Altogether, the health benefits of coconut water cannot be ignored. Comments: The vitamin C which is added as a preservative is not nearly as overwhelming as other brands that use it.

The coconut water is perishable, ships cold, and advised to refrigerate after opening. Aside from these edge cases, though, coconut water is quite healthy and a much better option than soda or sports drinks. Researchers at the University of Kerala in India tested the effects of a coconut water drink in experimentally-induced diabetes in lab rats (4). Get the Non-GMO project verified C2O Pure Coconut Water. That is GMO. The resulting beverage has no fat or added sugar and is packed full of potassium, magnesium and calcium. Drink it alone for a delicious healthy drink, use it make a tasty mixed drink, or fruity, tropical smoothie. I am very interested in learning & hearing what you would share with us…How is Cocowell packaged? Only the sweetest, juiciest, young coconuts were selected for use to create this coconut water, making it rich in nutrients and low on calories. While raw, natural coconut water is always the best option, you may not intend to use your coconut water in the next couple of weeks.
I have a trader joe, and Vani doesn’t talk about them. There is nothing inherently bad about GMO foods. On top of that, it contains just the right concentration of carbohydrates for optimal sports performance, at right around 3-5% carbs by weight. It has been shown that heat also destroys some of the vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients and also denatures enzymes – stripping its benefits and much of its flavor. The 15 Best Coconut Water Brands for Peak Hydration. Comments: “Tastes watered down”, “Not much flavor”, Easy drinking”, “Another bland one”, “Slightly astringent”, “Smooth”, “Not too sweet”, “Oily aftertaste”.
People who have diabetes and are taking medication that affects potassium levels shouldn’t consume large amounts of coconut water on a regular basis. “Not too sweet”, “I could drink this on a regular basis – especially as coconut water cost keeps rising”, “I’m surprised how easy this goes down”. According to a position statement from the American College of Sports Medicine, a carbohydrate and electrolyte containing sports drink during prolonged intense exercise is recommended for optimal sports performance (, In addition to sodium, the primary electrolyte lost during sweating, coconut water also contains trace elements like, Research on sports drinks in ultra endurance athletes has established that the optimal concentration of carbohydrates in a sports drink for optimal performance is within the range of 3-5% by mass (.

Naked Juice imbibes the philosophy that if one drinks good and does good, one will feel good, and that’s what this coconut water aims to achieve. With regards to the sugar alcohols, these can cause gastrointestinal distress, but in almost every case you should be opting for a coconut water drink that does not have any additives anyways, so with a high-quality product, this won’t be an issue. They’ve been really popular lately. It’s so important to point out these differences between an actually very healthy product to consume and something that has been stripped off most of its nutrients and over-processed, but is still marketed as ”healthy.”. “Best we’ve tasted”.

The fluid intake required to maintain at least 98% of your pre-exercise body mass is obviously going to depend on the ambient temperatures, with higher intakes in hotter temperatures.

Coconut water is harvested from green (unripe) coconuts by punching a hole in the hard outer shell and draining out the liquid.

Many of the flavored versions contain added sweeteners and the Cafe versions contain carrageenan. We still considered products that had sweetener as long as they were non-caloric, like stevia, but these wound up lower in the rankings than coconut water products that used no sweeteners at all. The result is a delicious coconut water that’s as addicting as it is healthy. Coconut water with the pulp borders on being called coconut milk and is a lot more saturated in healthy fats, minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. Non-GMO, not from concentrate, fair trade, Hello I was wondering if you have any info on the wild harvest brand 100% coconut water?

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