how to get 240 fps on a laptop

I would MUCH rather have 1440p (2k) at 144hz than 1080p at 240 Hz. The FPS might be a low level if your graphics driver is outdated or corrupted. There are basic requirements like an effective combination of the CPU and GPU. If you have an Intel 9900K CPU or above, the 1080Ti GPU or higher, at least 8GB RAM and a 144Hz monitor, your PC is primed to receive higher FPS. The following are the adjustments to be made: Remember to save these changes and to restart the PC for them to take effect. The author of is not a trained electrician or technician.

In the Video tab in the game’s settings, you must select the features, Material Quality, Texture Quality, Detail Quality, UI Quality, and Anisotropic Filtering and set them to ‘Low’. Frames Per Second: How to Increase FPS Windows 10 [2020 Updated]. You will need to overclock the CPU. You can also increase the FPS by changing the power and performance option settings in Control Panel. To an extent, this will depend on the other key components like the CPU and GPU and also the particular game you are playing. Change the settings on the graphics card, set the performance to Maximum.

How to Control Max Frame Rate for Specific Games. Intel Core i7 8700k or higher or equivalent from other brands.

CS:GO (Counterstrike Global Offensive) is at least one game where the updates to the game have resulted in a drop in FPS over time. But how to improve FPS if you don’t want to cost much? Why Does My TV Keep Changing Input by Itself? This includes the rate at which the images or graphics are simulated in the game. When you get a high FPS, you will see many frames each second, which makes the images smoother and more natural. This combination in the PC specifications will work best for you to get the maximum display output from the 240Hz monitor. You can look for other processors with better technical build and features. How to increase FPS in Windows 10? Click “Apply” at the bottom of the window to save your settings. Fortnite is a fast-paced game and you will enjoy it if you can achieve 240 FPS on your PC.

You can update your drivers in the GeForce Experience application if it’s installed or by downloading the latest drivers from NVIDIA’s website. As a game lover, you might have attached lots of attention to the FPS in the game for better visual and gaming experience. No, not necessarily. After the process, restart your computer to see if FPS has been improved. Go to Settings in the game and go to Graphics tab: The consensus among the experts in Minecraft forums is that you don’t need 240 FPS to play Minecraft and even 60 FPS is sufficient. Under “Select a program to customize,” choose the app you want to control. The above is just an indicative recommendation. All Rights Reserved. Join 350,000 subscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. You can do a little research to find out the best GPU in the market that can offer the least latency and go for it. This is done by right-clicking on your desktop and choosing the display options. The RAM should be 16GB and rated at a minimum of 3300MHz. So, if you want to get better FPS, you have to make sure your graphics driver is up-to-date.

Every split-second matters and if the images transform quickly you can take action faster. It is assumed that you have a 240Hz monitor. Some of the latest CPUs are the 9,900K or an equivalent chipset from AMD.

Turn Shadows OFF and turn Anti-aliasing OFF. The FPS on your computer can be affected by various factors, including hardware (like graphics card, motherboard, CPU and memory) and the graphics and resolution settings in your games. In the following contents, 10 free methods are listed right here to help you improve your computer performance and get better FPS. Why is my FPS so slow?

Some of these can differ depending on the configuration of the PC you are playing the game on.

Step 2: Launch the application to get the main interface. Normal clocking speed around 3.5 to 4GHz. Many applications or processes are running in the background. Adjust the rendering resolution of the monitor to 90%. Be sure to click “Apply” to save your settings. This is very important when you are playing game, as you can react more feasibly in this more responsive in-game environment towards the changes taking place. I love electronics, computers and everything tech related. For getting 240 FPS on Apex Legends, you must have the best hardware spec.

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