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We know how important it is to not only identify potential failures, but also to establish plans for corrective actions relating to the lifecycle of your product.

Let’s take a look at the industries that turn to these testing methods most frequently. Contact us today to hear more about our HALT and ALT services based in Southern California, or to request a quote. Guidance on the application of the tests of IEC 68 to simulate the effects of storage, Environmental testing – Part 2: Tests. Environmental testing – Part 2-81: Tests – Test Ei: Shock – Shock response spectrum synthesis; IEC 60068-2-82. Test Z/AMD: Combined sequential cold, low air pressure, and damp heat test, Environmental testing – Part 2: Tests. Guidance on change of temperature tests, Environmental testing – Part 2: Tests. Test Ed: Free fall, Environmental testing – Part 2: Tests.
Here is some of what the process includes: These processes not only set ALT apart from other testing methods, but they also offer unique benefits relating to time-effectiveness and operational oversight. Our attentive technicians will work with you to engineer the right solution to meet your HALT and ALT needs. Tests Z/BFc: Combined dry heat/vibration (sinusoidal) tests for both heat-dissipating and non-heat-dissipating specimens, Environmental testing – Part 2: Tests – Test Kb: Salt mist, cyclic (sodium, chloride solution), Environmental testing. Part 2: Tests.

Part 2: Tests. The following list of test standards is provided for your reference. Test N: Change of temperature, Basic environmental testing procedures – Part 2: Tests – Test Q: Sealing, Environmental testing – Part 2-18: Tests – Test R and guidance: Water, Environmental testing. If you’re looking for a reliable testing solution, look no further than Quality Testing Services. What Are the Benefits of the ALT Testing Technique? There are some fields of interest, however, including the ones listed as HALT industries, that can benefit substantially when undergoing ALT testing techniques. By stressing the product beyond its design specification, operational and destruct limits can be determined, and decisions can be made on how to increase these margins. Address: 1175 Oxford Road, Rangiora,7471, Electrodynamic Vibration System :: IMV A-Series, Lansmont Precision Drop Tester 56 (PDT-56), Lansmont Precision Drop Tester 56ED (PDT-56ED), Lansmont Precision Drop Tester 227 (PDT-227), Lansmont Quick Release Drop Tester (QR3000), Lansmont TouchTest Vibration Control System, Lansmont TouchTest Compression Control System, ASTM = American Society for Testing & Materials, IEC = International Electrotechnical Commission, ISO = International Organization for Standardization, ISTA = International Safe Transit Association, JEDEC – Joint Electronic Device Engineering Council, Lamp Development & Validation Test Procedures, Standard Test Method for Determination of Compressive Resistance, Standard Test Methods for Vibration testing of Shipping Containers, Standard Test Method for Determination of Leaks in Flexible Packaging by Bubble Emission, Standard Test Method for Water Vapor Transmission of Flexible Heat-Sealed Packages for Dry Products, Mechanical-Shock Fragility of Products, Using Shock Machines, Vibration (Vertical Linear Motion) Test of Products, Standard Test Methods for Programmable Horizontal Impact Test for Shipping Containers and Systems, Standard Practice for Performance Testing of Shipping Containers and Systems, Standard Practice for Conditioning Containers, Packages, or Packaging Components for Testing, Standard Test Method for Random Vibration Testing of Shipping Containers, Standard Test Method for Leakage Testing of Empty Rigid Containers by Vacuum Method, Standard Test Method for Drop Test for Loaded Containers by Free Fall, Standard Test Method for Simulated Drop of Loaded Containers by Shock Machines, Standard Test Methods for Determining the Effects of High Altitude on Packaging Systems by Vacuum Method, Standard Test Methods for Photovoltaic Modules in Cyclic Temperature and Humidity Environments, Dynamic Young’s Modulus, Shear Modulus, and Poisson’s Ratio by Impulse Excitation of Vibration, Standard Test Method for Seal Strength of Flexible Barrier Materials, Standard Test Methods for Internal Pressurization Failure Resistance of Unrestrained Packages for Medical Applications, Standard Test Method for Detecting Seal Leaks in Porous Medical Packaging by Dye Penetration, Standard Guide for Accelerated Aging of Sterile Medical Device Packaging, Standard Test Method for Detecting Gross Leaks in Medical Packaging by Internal Pressurization (Bubble Test), Environmental testing.

Contact Quality Testing Services to Discover Which Testing Method Is Better for Your Product, HALT is all about discovering the causes of failures, The transportation and automotive industries, Industries that provide consumer products, HALT/HASS Testing Services from Quality Testing Services, How the HALT/HASS Testing Procedure Works, Establishing trial environments for the product within a controlled test chamber that expert technicians carefully monitor, Perpetually increasing stress factors such as temperature fluctuations to induce a sequence of failures, Testing limitations involving multiple stresses at once, including thermal variations, shocks, vibrations and other impacts, Revealing the causes of sudden malfunctions and measuring the product’s thresholds for cold and heat tolerance, Noting the product’s destruct limits, indicated by the failures after which the product can no longer be recovered, Increasing the occurrence of a typical product function to identify how many incidents are possible before failure, Comparing three different stress levels, including low, medium and high, between a determined number of product samples, Evaluating the relationship between stressed or accelerated variables and product failure time, using various stress-test models, Discovering the failure times of even the most reliable design components, Determining the settings and factors that will maximize the product’s lifetime.

Interestingly, many of the same manufacturers that can benefit from HALT testing are also prone to use ALT testing to measure the reliability of their product designs. Related Resources: A typical progression of HALT would be: Cold Thermal Step Stress, Hot Thermal Step Stress, Rapid Thermal Shock Stress, Vibration Step Stress, then Combined Thermal and Vibration Stress. After determining weak points in product design through efficient HALT methods, engineers can turn to additional testing strategies to figure out the extent of these components’ overall durability. The most common ALT testing industries include the following broad categories. Part 2: Tests. ALT and other forms of lifecycle testing perhaps offer a broader range of uses than more nuanced tests, as nearly every product on the market has a determinable lifetime. High temperature stortage Life Test (HTSL). It also identifies the failure mechanisms that are likely to occur eventually as the product gets used and handled. ISO Test Standards. Test Eb and guidance: Bump, Environmental testing – Part 2-30: Tests – Test Db: Damp heat, cyclic (12 h + 12 h cycle), Environmental testing. HALT testing is primarily used during the product design phase to reveal any defects and make the product more rugged and reliable. One of the critical purposes of HALT is to discover flaws which would be potentially dangerous to the user if unchecked. Let’s work together to set your product on the road to dependable success. Environmental testing – Part 2-82: Tests – Test Tx: Whisker test methods for electronic and electric components .

Test Z/BM: Combined dry heat/low air pressure tests, Environmental testing – Part 2: Tests – Guidance on test T: Soldering, Environmental testing. Test Z/AM: Combined cold/low air pressure tests, Environmental testing – Part 2: Tests.

Accelerating the lifecycle of a product brings the following benefits to the table: Manufacturers across the board can benefit from lifecycle testing in whatever form it comes, but ALT especially offers these advantages at highly impressive rates.

With the right testing methods and results, we can help minimize your risk of loss. HALT is all about discovering the causes of failures, a process which involves the stressing of the product beyond its specification limits. Here are how HALT and ALT cater specifically to these types of industries.
HALT is a qualitative test rather than a quantitative one because, rather than measuring the length of time between failures, HALT focuses on the type and intensity of different stimuli. Part 2: Tests. Some types of products, particularly mechanically engineered ones, are common subjects of ALT or HALT. 30 years ago, MET became the first OSHA-recognized NRTL (Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory) in the United States. 1. Test Ga: Acceleration, steady state, Environmental testing – Part 2: Tests. ISO 2247 Part 2: Tests. There is no specific HALT testing standard because it depends on the device being tested’s individual characteristics. Highly accelerated life testing is a process available for manufacturers to wear their product down through a series of externally imposed conditions. When performed by a knowledgeable and experienced test lab , HALT can offer your company enormous benefits.

Test XA and guidance: Immersion in cleaning solvents, Environmental testing – Part 2: Tests. Part 2: Tests. Test Ea and guidance: Shock, Environmental testing. When it comes to stressing your product to determine its limits, you’ll probably find yourself turning to either highly accelerated life testing (HALT) or accelerated life testing (ALT). Not only is it important to figure out if your product will be fully functional, but you may find yourself needing to determine when and how the product will fail or malfunction. HALT testing offers a step-by-step process, which will by its very nature precipitate defects. The NRTL mark is required under federal law for products used in workplaces in all 50 states. Test M: Low air pressure, Environmental testing – Part 2: Tests. The following fields, in particular, are some of the top HALT testing industries because of the way HALT can help prevent product failures, addressing weak design elements and potential safety hazards. While the HALT process can’t accurately determine the reliability of a product or how long it will last, it can help manufacturers and engineers see what kind of tweaks will improve the item’s durability. In 1989, MET broke the UL monopoly for product safety testing and certification in the United States and is approved to certify products in over 200 UL standard categories. HALT testing standards.

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