difference between pattadar passbook and title deed

Dear Jamuna, even there is excess of discharge of official duty. to condone the delay of 1942 days in preferring the appeal, to receive an unregistered agreement of sale, to release the Jeep bearing Section 457 Cr.P.C.-Reg.No.AP-7-T-8443, TWO CONFLICTING DECISIONS ON SEC.145 OF NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENTS ACT WHETHER RECORDING OF SWORN STATEMENT IS MUST. G. Manujla 1.Vangala Mallaiah (Died per LRs), Smt. (was it after the demise of your grandpa or before?) Every entry in the record of rights shall he presumed to be true until the contrary is proved or until it is otherwise amended in accordance with the provisions of this Act. 352 of the Mahomedan Law - custody... Wakf Act amended Act 2013 - An M.L.A.

Send a legal notice, review a legal document, etc.

Dear Palak, Personal Finance & Financial Literacy Blog in India, Last updated: January 4, 2020 | by Sreekanth Reddy 360 Comments. is it valid in the law of muslim property Act, and as per the muslim law there is no legal heirs for a living person, but how the sub registrar registered the land from to iqbal to non muslim, is sub registrar held responsible or not ? - amendment petition asking to add some other items in plaint at the stage of arguments - suit for return of gold and silver ornaments, rule 18 - Partition suit - preliminary decree - final decree passed not in accordance with preliminary decree, rule 2 of C.P.C- suit for possession and injunction - I.A. - conviction under Sections 120B, Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, Se. The evidence of PWs. No Sir, till the demise of my father, no partition was done between my father and uncle. 10(1) account or the adangal or to ask the Plaintiff to prove the pattadar passbook by examining revenue official. Whether the plaintiff is entitled for grant of permanent injunction?”. 1. During the hearing the appellant reiterated the grounds of appeal and argued that Pattadar Passbook cum Title Deed is a document in the form of a small bound book containing the details of land owned by a person (Pattadar). 3. Rent and Eviction) Control Act defaulted in payment of rents.

Hi sreekanth reddy garu, Very useful information providing Thanks for the same. * Nominee Vs Legal Heir : Who will inherit (or) own your Assets? to ownership of this property are also based on material gathered from public

seeking permission to withdraw the suit with liberty to file a fresh suit, Order 26 Rule 9 CPC seeking appointment of an Advocate Commissioner, Order 39 Rule 1 CPC - suit for permanent injunction along with interim injunction, Order 41 Rule 22 C.P.C - Cross Appeal /Cross Objections - when to be filed - Second appeal, Order 41 Rule 27 C.P.C - ADDITIONAL EVIDENCE AT APPELLANT STAGE- NOT MAINTIANBLE AS OF RIGHT. Mutation is the change of title ownership from one person to another when the ... if an agricultural land is acquired by the government and the registry of the land is in the name of person ... registered. Respondents, CIVIL REVISION PETITION No.3677 OF 2016 14-02-2017 Mohammad Abdul Raheem ..Petitioner 1.Kavuri Sarath Raj....Respondent 2.Gaddipati GFuru Prasad, CIVIL REVISION PETITION No.4219 of 2016 19-01-2017 Siddareddy Venkatanagaraja Reddy ....Petitioner Mir Shahamat Ali Khan .....Respondent, CIVIL REVISION PETITION No.4839 of 2016 20-01-2017 The Zonal Secretary, CIVIL REVISION PETITION Nos.5099 of 2016 05-01-2017 S.Anjana Reddy Petitioner Palvoi Ranga Reddy and 3 others .Respondents, claim petition to raise attachment basing on agreement of sale, Claim under sec.47 of C.P.C.

Removed from service for un authorised absence from duites - claim for pension etc. NO COMPLAINT SHOULD BE DISMISSED WITH OUT EXAMINING THE WITNESSES PRESENT UNDER SEC.

Further, if any person effects any alienation or transfer of land without such registered document, either alienee or the transferee has to deposit registration fees and the stamp duty in accordance with the provisions of the Registration Act, 1908 and get the certificate from the Mandal Revenue officer. obiter dicta.

Now for the past 35 years my mother-in-law is paying the property tax, electricity bills, and water bills on her name. In every state, the state government fixes certain values for properties, and purchases and sales cannot take place at a rate below this value. As suggested earlier, kindly take legal opinion on this. we are not there at that time, we dont have property papers also recenly i cheked in online pahani ,the property on my grandmother name only but on ec his name only mentioned, and he sold bit of land to some one also, how can we get back our property back we are in very bad financial condition.

The mutation of the property was done in the name of his 4 siblings one of which is my mother.

- Limitation Act Art.134 one year - for delivery of possession - starts from the date of confirmation of sale, S.10(3)(c) OF A.P.RENT CONTROL ACT = ADDITIONAL ACCOMMODATION - RELATIVE Hardship - EVICTION, S.9-A of the Act was introduced w.e.f.1.1.1973 by the Andhra Pradesh Land Reforms (Ceiling on Agricultural Holdings) (Amendment) Act, S.Anjana Reddy Petitioner Palvoi Ranga Reddy and 3 others .Respondents, S.C. & S.T.

As this is an Agri land, Pahani is a very important document. Thank you in advance for a reply. wife, son, daughter, mother etc.). Assigned Lands (Prohibition of Transfers) Act, A.P. Rent control Case - Non- Joinder of Firm in evicti... Or. It also includes other vital details including the extent of holdings and the measurements of the property.

32. Rule - 11 of Order VII - CPC with a prayer to reject the plaint. You can still sell the property (if the buyer is ok with it) without getting mutation done in your name. But, when we applied for Mutation (Dakhil Kharij) they objected saying that they have sold wrong piece of land. Dear HIMANSHU,

failure to prove and examination of power of attorney holder to whom the defendant has given power to sale the suit land - is fatal to the case, FILING DOCUMENTS AT THE TIME OF TRIAL IN DVC - MAINTAINABLE, FIXATION OF STAMP DUTY BY SUB-REGISTRAR ON A SALE DEED WITH OUT BASIC REGISTER VALUATION AND ON IMAGINARY LINE NOT VALID, for a period of six months from 20.1.2013, for issuance of a fresh passport with correct date of birth.

7. Co-Operative Society Act - refused to allot a plot - Writ not maintainable in absence of perversity etc. Petitioner Thoram Venkateswara Rao and two others . However advocate did excellent job of – paper ad, sent notices to previous owners (since we purchased through AGP).

(Due to the neighbor land owners moved their survey stones, fences and house compound by a few meters.). hi my name is srinivas i am from chikkaballapur i am buynig site. Thanks, Dear Fahed, No Jurisdiction = Will of immovable properties also= Succession certificate, no penal provision should be invoked under consumer protection Act.

Hi Sreekanth, - MEMO IS ENOUGH - Sec 10 C.P.C - STAY OF SUIT- NO STAY UNDER SEC.10 REQUIRES, rule 1 C.P.C.

Electricity -Condition 2.2.9: Condition Enhancement of compensation in which lower court refused to enhance the market value from Rs.41, ENHANCEMENT OF MAINTENANCE UNDER SEC.25 (2) OF HINDU MARRIAGE ACT. My father brought a open plot in municipality in telanagana in1998.. Got registered.. Father died in 2012..now what is the procedure to get that property transferred on my mother name.. Legal heir certificate required for this.?? - Educational records - not permitted - only spelling mistakes can be rectified - Total change of name for other name not allowed =, CHANGES IN AGREEMENT WITH OUT PERMISSION - novation of the contract, chit transaction - liability of guarantor Under Section 128 of the Indian Contract Act, Civil court Decree - vs- Wakf Board Gazatte publication - Revenue entries later - have no valid in eye of law against the civil decree, CIVIL COURT JURISDICTION WHETHER BARRED UNDER SEC. But the only problem of not mutating is that you may not get electricity connection, water connection and you cannot pay municipal tax. If there is any sale of the property, the Patta will be the main determinant of the ownership of the property. Balatripura Sundari, Partition suit - Burden lies on whom under sec.41 T.P.Act - in the absence of any specific pleading by plaintiff as to absence of legal necessity for sale, partition suit - duty of advocate commissioner.

When you are selling a property, the prospective buyer might ask for a copy of the latest mutation document.

If this is done, you may get two property numbers for two owners and two different Khata/Patta/Mutation records. I am unable to understand your query completely. Massarath Yasmeen Mohammed Azeemuddin & Anr. Amjad Ali and two others, Shaik Akram Appellant The National Investigation Agency Rep, Shaik Mahammad Rafiuddi Vs. Gummala Narayana R, shares in Satyam Computer Services Limited (SCSL), Shiga Venkataiah V. Jagan Mohan Reddy leave shall be granted by the Court only to such interrogatories as the Court considers necessary. But, there is an income limit of Rs 25 Lakh pa. Smt. You may suggest your Mother to apply for Mutation extract from the concerned civic body office (panchayat/municipality/corporation) to know whether the transfer has actually happened or not. Appreciate your great service to the society through this.

Dear sir Also kindly advise me how to proceed to get all the required sanctions. A.P.(A.A.) Still my mom’s name appears as owner in the EC and I want to update my nameas a owner in the EC. From what I read in your post you mentioned, in case of e-auction I will be the first owner (irrespective of what the past is), is my understanding correct? (ii) Inheritance or bequest – Laws relating to succession covers this type of rights of properties.

It is not true that you are required to pay for your brother's outstanding. 33. Generally they will issue Patta Certificate / Mutation Certificate / Khata Certificate after processing your application. Counsel for appellants:    Sri K.G.Krishna Murthy, ^ Counsel for Respondents : Sri S.S.Bhatt, The plaintiffs in O.S.No.17 of 1985 on the file of the Principal District Munsif, Chittoor, are the appellants.

As the registration is done in your mother name, she is the current owner of the property. Further, Section 6D (2) provides that notwithstanding anything contained in the Registration Act, 1908, the registering authority shall not register any document relating to a transaction of the nature referred to in sub-section (1) without the production of the title deed and pass book by both the parties to the transaction.

Kindly get the mutation done.. Related article : Khatha Registration & Khatha Transfer in Bangalore.

Dear Sri..I believe that there is no time-line a such, but its better to complete this at the earliest.

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